Saturday, March 6, 2010

Here's my blog.... and what I'm doing with it.....

I'm Emily and I am going to be a foreign student for a year in......well I really don't know yet. I turned in my full application exactly 31 days ago, so I should hear where I am going anytime now. I am going with AFS, and yes I will be gone the whole year. That is the second question I am asked when I say "I'm going abroad for a year!". The first question people ask is usually something like "Who are you staying with?" or "Where are you going?”. The answer to that is I don't know yet =(. But I am hoping for Italy right now. Mostly because I don't think many people will yell at me for talking too loud there and also mostly-partly because I want to eat their food and learn to cook their food. And I speak Spanish, which helps me a little bit in learning Italian... sort of. I'm not very good at it... yet. But if I get accepted to Italy I promise to work harder =D.

I think my alternate country choice list wouldn't be so bad either: Netherlands (oooo, bikes and windmills), Switzerland ('cause it's cool), Denmark (also cool), and Norway (yay!). I think if I don't get Italy I would probably take any one of those. I should be told what country I will live in by somewhere around the 17th according to AFS. St. Patrick’s Day deadline, good timing XD. I am told I probably won't know who my host family is until about two weeks before I leave, so the answer to the third question people ask ("What part of Italy?") is I have no idea. I'm still just hoping I get accepted to Italy right now.

I did just get an email about the scholarship money I get (thank you AFS!), maybe that means another one about my country is close? Please? Hopefully? Haha, I also wish I could just go now... I'm really bad at waiting XD.

I'll make another post when I get more information, fingers crossed for Italy!

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