Friday, March 26, 2010


Ok, so I just posed yesterday when I got accepted to Italy, but I left out one thing that I found out yesterday: I may already have a host family (!). I don't know for sure yet, but when my mom emailed AFS to thank them they told her that they already had someone in mind for me :D. That made me so happy because I was kind of expecting to get my family a couple of weeks before leaving, but I guess I was one of the first applications to get to Italy so... they might have found someone! I don't know for sure yet, but I hope so, it would be soooo cool to get to know them by email and stuff this early :D. I just don't know if I could really talk to them in Italian because right now I'm at the point where I just point at things and yell "CANE!!!" or "SCARPE!!!", nothing that really makes any sense (I think what I just screamed meant "dog" and "shoes" btw, but I could be wrong...). So they might have already found me a host school too because they were asking for my grades, but I don't know. I really hope so, it would be so cool :D. Anyway, I'll just be here... waiting for an email...

Oh yeah, I also got a cool thingy on the side (<---) of my blog so you can give me money. Well, not directly to me, it is collected to AFS and then put toward my trip. I think I really need a lot more than $1000, but $1000 is still nice, I need all the help I can get ;D. I have lots of Italian homework this week though (I go every Friday), but I still wish I had more. I just want to learn it as quick, as if I could get there faster. I wish.

Well, I'll write more if something else happens, and I hope it does soon :D.

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  1. Emily: just curious, what grade are you in? Because I want to study abroad for one year, but I don't know if I should do it sophomore or junior year. Thanks!