Sunday, August 1, 2010


Only 38 days! I found out that I leave on the 7th at night and arrive early in the morning on the 8th in New York. I think I'm getting to New York a lot earlier than all the other AFSers so I guess I can just find a Starbucks in the airport and sit there for a couple hours or something =D.
I've been trying to pack everything I need to bring that I don't need to use in the next month, it is hard. Everything (like adapters and other things I've bought to use in Italy) is scattered all over my house and I spent an hour or two last night running around trying to find it all. I'm sure there is going to be bags that my parents find after I leave that I should have brought with me. And that's why I have to start 38 days early.
I've heard a little more from my host family, and I really hope I can hear more soon!I really want to know them more and I'm so excited to meet them! I wish I could just fly directly from here to Martina Franca, but instead I have like 2ish days squished in the middle of flights worth of orientation. I think it will be fun, but I'm impatient =D.
Oh, and I take my drivers test in two days. Doesn't really matter to me because I'd much rather have a visa for Italy. But I guess the benefit of not having my license be provisional when I get back is good too.
Our house has been full of exchange students for the last month, and it's filling up with different ones again this month. I think we hit our record in July though, we had three at one time! I'm glad my Italian student from last year will be coming back to stay with me tomorrow so I can have her help me with my Italian =D. I'm still getting better and I think by September I should be able to communicate well enough and once I'm in Italy I think it will be much easier to speak because I won't even have the option of doing anything in English. Which is awesome =D.
I just wish I could leave now! I can't wait to start actually having something to write about in my blog =D.

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