Friday, September 3, 2010


Only four more days.

I have my visa now.

There is still so much to do, so much to pack, and so many people to say goodbye to. But I want to just skip all that and be in Italy now! I've got to actually start packing, all I have is a suitcase full of gifts, and thing(s) I'm not using right now (one jacket, nice). I guess I should start to put everything else in, but 4 days...

All I really need to do (besides the packing of course)is eat Mexican food. And sushi. And pet my dogs. The three best things in the world that I will not be able to bring to Italy with me (because CA Mexican food is the best, there is no mochi ice cream in Italy, well Venice at least, and my dogs don't fit in my suitcase). So sad.

My Italian is getting much better and for the first time I feel like with in a week (or a couple of days, I have no clue) I might be able to communicate! For now, I spend my time walking around my house having conversations with my dogs in Italian (I swear they understand me! They must be Italian. Figures, both of them love cheese XD).

It is so weird that everyone is in school right now and I'm just at home. I met my friends for lunch the other day and I was the only one walking in the wrong direction (back towards the car, not the school) when the bell was supposed to ring. It's strange, I get weird looks when I go out shopping in the middle of the day, like "Aren't you supposed to be in school?". No. I'm going to Italy. Woah.

But, really, I need to finish up with America right now because I'm dying to start on Italy! Four days, and I can't tell whether they are going to fast or too slow! And it's not helping that I've been too excited to sleep for the past few nights =(.

I'm hoping the next blog post I write will be when I'm in Italy, so until the early middle of September, CIAO!!!


  1. So excited for you and can understand the not sleeping part(your brain is full of stuff). Good luck packing! Miss Cali but embarking on a experience of a lifetime. Have an Amazing trip and Best wishes.
    Sheena xo,xo

  2. Yes, definitely eat lots of sushi and mexican things!! Those are the two things I've been dying for! ;DD It's funny though, I've been missing things I didn't even think I would miss, tehe. I can't wait till you get to Italy so I can hear all about it! And you are soo lucky you speak some Italian already! Good luck!