Wednesday, September 15, 2010


My American dad messaged me some questions to answer, and (a few XD) seem like good questions that people might want to know so I'm answering them here:

1. Do all the houses in your town look like rocket ships like they do in the pictures?
Uhhhh.... no. The houses look like apartment buildings with cool balconies. I haven't seen any rocket ships so far.

2. Are you really living in a hotel like Zach and Cody?
No, like I said, apartment building.

3. What's the funniest thing you've seen in Italy so far?

I've seen a lot of cool things, not really funny though. Like my host mom's mixer, it's like half blender, half mixer, and half cooker. We mixed and apple cake in it and it has a timer, a speed number setting, and even heat setting if you wanted to cook something in it, quite amazing. And then for some truly funny things, read number 7.

4. Does your bathroom have a bidet in it? Have you used it yet? Is it as good as Agnese says it is?

Of course the bathroom has a bidet in it! I'm in Italy, duh. Well, the bathroom I use when other people are in the normal one doesn't have one, but I'm American it's ok. No, I haven't used it, like I said, I'm American. Sorry Agnese.

5. WHO TOOK THE NUTELLA? (ok I know you actually didn't but I figured it might be funny in the blog if you mentioned these were the questions your dad was asking)
I did. And it was yummy. And yes I did mention you asked the questions. Haha.

6. What's the best Italian food you've had so far?
My host mom made me gnocchi! We got it at a place where they make it fresh every day, yummy!!!! And also her minestrone soup and her blended vegetable soup were awesome!

7. Are the Italian drivers totally crazy?
Oh yes! They speed up at stop signs, constantly swerve around people, never look behind them when someone is coming, honk at others constantly, and even with all of this, no one wears seatbelts! I do of course, I would rather not die. Oh, and I haven't even talked about Italian parking! There is one rule: as long as a very tiny car can pass through the road still you may park anywhere. That includes parking people in, parking on the sidewalk, having your car be touching one in front of or behind it, parking diagonally when all others are parked straight, and parking on the crosswalks. My host sister said this is because there are no traffic police in small cities, but it is way crazy anyway =D.

8. Did you get a chance to see the Pope when you were in Rome?

No =(, I wasn't even in Rome, I was like an hour outside and I didn't see anything famous. But it's ok because my town is probably much more beautiful anyway, when I remember to take pictures of it I will post them on Facebook =).

9. Is the Nutella better in Italy?

Actually, yes it is. It is a little more hazelnutty that in the US, which makes it yummier =D.

Anyway, this afternoon I am going out again so I think I'll take some pictures of the crazy parking and the pretty places, today was the first day of school for most people so the squares were quite crowded. I've taken a nap since then so I'll see if they still are when I go out =). It's really amazing here!!!

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  1. Emily, you just wrote of the most true-to-life descriptions of Italy I have ever read in my life! ;) Bravissima! :)