Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I feel boring. No, not bored. Boring. Read this anyway.

I would like to say somethings about my life.
1. I eat cookies every morning for breakfast. This is considered healthy.
2. I'm freezing. I want to buy a coat.
3. When I come back to CA I would like a radiator. These things are so amazing and warm to sit on.... who cares if CA is the same all year round I WANT A RADIATOR!!!
4. I love how we get fresh bread and cheese every day for lunch, mmmmmmm....
5. I think if I skipped drinking an espresso (that's normal coffee here, none of that watery american stuff) everyday after lunch I would die.
6. When I first saw the town's historic center I was in awe. Now it's normal, there's a beautiful, old, historic building right there and all I can think about is finding gelato.....
8. Hot chocolate here is just hot pudding. Amazing.
9. I go to the bar almost everyday. There is a bar in my school. A bar is not a place where old drunk men sit here, it's like an American cafe with alcohol still, but it's like just for show behind the register. Bars are for pastries and coffee and hot chocolate and tea. And just general Italian amazingness.
10. People really like labels here. They will wear the ugliest thing in the world just because it has a designer on it. Even a fake one. This explains why I haven't bought anything here, EVERYTHING has labels. Not good shopping for me at least.
11. I know you all want to know this because everyone asks: no, Italian guys are not all hot. It's about the same ratio of hot to ugly as it is in America. The only difference here is they iron their clothes.
12. Throwing trash on the ground is normal. If you don't they think you are weird. Then you explain how you don't because you want the town to be pretty. Then they tell you that the town is clean and get insulted when you point out the piles of trash. It's an exciting cycle.
13. I love focaccia.
14. it is necessary to eat fruit after each meal. I like oranges.
15. I love how there are millions of roundabouts here and no one knows how to use them. There are so many people who don't look just to almost crash and get angry. Entertaining.
16. Gonna stay here forever just for the fact that there are pigeons and no seagulls or crows.
17. Ending with a happy thought: The city next to me, Taranto, is full of iron factories. It is famous for the number of people who get cancer there. Wooooo!
I'm getting lazy. I don't want to write on my blog. Apologies for the general unexcitingness of this post. It's what you get. Be happy. I really am having a great time =D. Greetings from Italy until next week!

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