Monday, December 13, 2010

Snow and Santa Lucia

Last Friday it snowed here!! It was only the second time I've ever seen it snow, and it was beautiful! I have no pictures of it actually snowing (because during that time I happened to be making a four hour skype call.... Lauren.... XD) but it was still there the next morning so I took some pictures then,(blogger isn't letting me put them here, so I put them on facebook in my second Italy album). There was a lot less that morning, so we had to go to school. Apparently, if it snows enough (from what I hear, still not a lot) we don't have to go to school! It is supposed to snow again this week on Wednesday and Thursday... I'm excited!! But scared since all I have to wear is still a fall coat and converse... hmmm. Strange having to buy all these clothes and wear layers.

Oh, and today is a holiday. Santa Lucia day. Last night we put out little sacks, fruit, milk, and raw polenta by the fireplace. And then this morning when we woke up and there was chocolate and presents all over the floor!! I am told this is a tradition in the north of Italy, and not usually in the South. My host dad explained to me that in the past Santa Lucia day used to mark the solstice, but when Christianity came about it kept all the old holidays and transformed this one into a day for Santa Lucia, a little girl who rides a donkey and died for the religion by having her eyes pried out. She is the saint of vision now. Lovely. Anyway, cool holiday, I have some chocolate and new house socks and gloves that I really needed now =). Thank you Santa Lucia!!


  1. Emily, your blog is awesome!!! I would like to have mine as much positive as yours, but i think it just couldn't happen because i blog every day and i can't be so optimistic all the time...
    I am adding your blog to my favourites' list :)
    Ciao di Lecce!

  2. Ciao Emily!
    My name is Francesca and I'm staying in Fremont, CA, for a year. I found your blog by accidents and it's quite hilarious since you're attending my school back in Italy and your thoughts and the things that you write are my thoughts and the things that I write but reversed! :)
    This is my blog
    I write in Italian (duh!) so I dunno if you'll find yourself brave enough to take a look at it :P
    Say hi to my school from me! :D

  3. wow!! What program did you go to CA with? AFS? that's so funny!! I will definitely read you blog now! there are many foreign exchange students at your school this year, it's so awesome you found my blog =)

  4. Yup, I'm here with AFS. My classmates told me that there are a lot of people but I would have never thought I would have found your blog :) Keep me posted with the news from that little hell: I hope they are treating you well! :D