Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy (Belated) Holidays!!

Looks like once again I have forgotten to write here for a while.... whoops. Apologies to people out there who are actually reading my blog!! So in my absence from this blog lots has happened here =)
First thing: My host sister's 18th birthday!!! She had a big party with all of her friends one Saturday to celebrate her birthday that was on the 15th of December =). So I'm just gonna say once again: Auguri Fede!!!!!
Second: Christmas!!! Almost the same as a US Christmas but with a few different traditions:
  • Il presepe: when we put up the Christmas tree (fake) we set up a cute little scene or figurines and moss with a little nativity scene in the corner. It is really cute. And it's still there so I will go take a picture of it later and put it on facebook (because pictures don't work on my blog... sad)
  • In California we can go in the pool on Christmas. Here it was freezing. Not like California "freezing". Literally 0 degrees Celsius. Brrrrrrr....
  • We stayed up until 3am on Christmas eve watching Avatar. Oh yes.
  • The next day during Christmas lunch (Turkey and lots more food) we watched (and I sang XD) MAMMA MIA!!!! 
  • When we got bored later that night we watched (and sang) to Phantom of the Opera!!!! 
And if you know me at all you will know that the last two points were definitely the highlights of my whole Christmas. And you will also probably figured that I have sworn not to watch two movie musicals in one day to prevent massive headaches/ sore throats.
Third: MY FRIEND DANA IS AMAZING!!! Just kidding, she just told me to say that. No, really I love NZerssss!!!!!
Fourth: Happy New Years!!!!! I spent New Years this year not watching the ball drop over NYC, but burning a giant scarecrow then lighting so many things on fire we couldn't see anything through the resulting smoke XD. And singing karaoke. Needless to say, best New Year's ever!
Fifth: I don't really have anything else to say except..... My host mom made Kiwi jam!!!!! It's amazing. Oh yes, and a package from America got here containing warm clothes and enough Jello to last me three lifetimes. Thank you America!!!!

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